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The premier cake business membership site to grow your cake business even if you don't have time to take a class!

I was talking with a few friends about the difference between a membership site (like this) versus a timed course.

I felt like I just wasn't explaining it to my cakey community clearly enough...

We came up with a parallel that I think you'll connect with - church.

Whether or not you go to church, the idea is fairly simple: church is a place where you go once a week because you need what there is to offer there.
Ok, so maybe not EVERY week, but at least each week you know there will be something shared to guide and rejuvenate you.

Memberships like church exist because your journey to more strength, more knowledge, more connectedness, more success never truly ends.

And because of that, a like-minded community with a strong leader is needed to continue to pour into you... 

...a specific group of people with journeys and aspirations that are closely aligned with yours.

It's the place you go to get infused with new ideas, deeper understanding, and the tools and resources to support you in growth.
And that's why CakeLife Academy was created for you :)

Inside you'll find transformational training, challenges and checklists, group coaching calls, exclusive Facebook group, live video chat room, pricing and selling support, and so many more resources are waiting for you!

And here's the best part - it's not on a timer, it's not scheduled! You can pick and choose what to use when you need it.

It's here to nurture you on your unique journey, wherever you are.

Join now and your membership rate remains the same for life so long as your account is current and in good standing!

($47 per month)
(Averages $39.17 per month)
(Averages $43 per month)
Why Your Choice in This Moment MATTERS.
This moment may feel insignificant. Another membership site. Another landing page. Another offer....

And that WILL be true one year from today if you don't join CakeLife Academy now.

Just imagine where you could be a year from now if you got the right tools and methods into your hands today and immersed in a powerful caking community!

You could make this one of the most pivotal moments of your career and life
because you took a leap of faith in you and decided to invest in YOURSELF.

More profit in your pocket. Time to enjoy your one and only life.

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