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The premier cake business membership site to grow your cake business even if you don't have time to take a class!

You're busy.
You have people who depend on you from family to career to friends and your cake customers.

Of course growing your business is important but when you're so busy working IN your business (plus life!) how do you find time to work ON your business?


This is how. CakeLife Academy!
All that's standing in your way to getting more out of your cakebiz is knowing the little secrets successful entrepreneurs use.

We all know researching, test-and-try, and hoping your marketing, selling, branding, and business building works is a huge time suck. Who has time for that when you have cakes to sell and life to live?

You are so much more than cake! And you deserve the tools to quickly optimize your business and increase your profits so you can live your one and only life outside of cakes.

And that's why CakeLife Academy was created for you :)

Inside CakeLife Academy, you'll find the proven methodologies and strategies to apply to your business to grow and transform into the cakebiz owner and person you dream of becoming!

Isn't it time you nurture your inner kickass cakebiz owner, let yourself truly come out to play (with cake and amazing brain science), and embark on a fantastic journey with a tribe of cakebiz owners just like you.

These transformational entrepreneurial and personal growth resources are waiting for you inside:

Monthly Training

Training every month based on both business and personal growth and relationship balance. Making your days easier is at he heart of all training

Challenges and Checklists

It's simple: use the checklists and challenges, get the results. Everything form social media to freeing up your time and finding the tiny holes in your business model.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

With live and pre-submitted questions from the ButterButt family so you can get your questions answered whether you can make it there or not. Replays available in the CakeLife Academy portal within hours.

Pricing and Selling

Money. To charge the right price for your cakes no matter your market, there's just a little science you need to apply. You've got this!

Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group

This is the social spot where we all come together, talk, share where we are and where we need support and resources, and it's the place to braintank with a group of people who get it!

Book Reviews 

Keep up with the most up-to-date knowledge and how-to from leaders in business and personal growth. I do the reading and research for you on scientific strategies, I boil them down for cakers, you implement and reap the rewards.

Live WaterCooler Chat Room

A once-a-month virtual video chat room where you can spend a day or just a few minutes with your fellow ButterButts in person. This has been THE MOST LOVED part of the community yet! And it doesn't exist anywhere else in our cakey world.

Celebration & Shenanigans. 

You know me... These are a given.

Join now and your membership rate remains the same for life so long as your account is current and in good standing!

($47 per month)
(Averages $39.17 per month)
(Averages $43 per month)
Why Your Choice in This Moment MATTERS.
This moment may feel insignificant. Another membership site. Another landing page. Another offer....

And that WILL be true one year from today if you don't join CakeLife Academy now.

Just imagine where you could be a year from now if you got the right tools and methods into your hands today! I'm not talking ball tools here, peeps.

You could make this one of the most pivotal moments of your career and life
because you took a leap of faith in YOU and decided to invest in YOURSELF.

More profit in your pocket. More time to enjoy your one and only life.

See what our members are saying!
I'm in! Enroll me!
I'll see you inside!